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                                                 Tongling SanSheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in mountains and hills, old times, long history and splendid culture of the ecological landscape city south of the Yangtze ;Chinese bronze; - Tongling, a beautiful city and her long history, there are five pillars of a solid industrial base and reputation at home and abroad Eight Famous, strategic location and convenient transportation.
                                                 Tongling SanSheng Electronics Co., Ltd. to develop - design - manufacturing - sales professional manufacturer of capacitor main products CBB60, CBB61, CBB65 series capacitors are widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, fans。
                                                 Enterprise in the "perseverance, hard-working, unite, ever hit high" of the spirit; Adhere to service the customer as the center, wholeheartedly for all kinds of customers to provide satisfactory products and services; Company production strictly according to ISO9001 quality management for the standard; To the quality and credibility to the benefit by management, with speed seeks the development, to the customer service, in the aim of "based on domestic, win in the international market" as the goal, to build the "SanSheng" famous international brand.

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