Dr. Joel Acevedo- Nieto,

Founder & CEO


Dr. Joel Acevedo- Nieto is the founder of Sharp Focus, a cognitive training platform for those who have difficulty concentrating. Joel’s concept uses a virtual reality interface that engages users by stimulating the prefrontal cortex via intentional eye movements.


During his childhood and adolescence, Joel had difficulty concentrating on daily tasks and school work. As a result, he lagged behind in many areas and struggled with low self-esteem. But with an exemplary background in neuroscience and psychology, Joel has earned several certifications in innovation and technology from MIT and Harvard Medical School.

Redmond Siu,

Co-Founder & CDO

Business Expert

Redmond Siu currently serves as the Investment Principal of AccelHUB Venture Partners, an angel syndicate that invests in early-stage companies in Latin America. Specializing in the innovation process and early-stage investing, he is also a startup mentor for various international business acceleration programs. His research interests include innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Siu is an alumnus of Boston University and in his free time, he enjoys connecting with startup founders and helping local entrepreneurial organizations with their events.

Dr. Patricia Silveyra,

Co-Founder & CSO

Biochemist & STEM Scientist

Dr. Patricia Silveyra is a professor and physiologist with expertise in neuroendocrinology, molecular biology, and biomarker discovery. She is the former Director of the UNC Biobehavioral Laboratory, a core facility that focuses on biobehavioral science, physiological measurements, and instrumentation, and she is currently an Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health. She has worked with multiple investigators in studies related to stress management, physical activity, addictions, and health disparities, and she has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and managed dozens of grants. 

Roberto Ledesma,

Co-Founder & CTO

Software developer

Roberto Ledesma is a professor in programming and development. He is a software developer and programmer who specializes in 3D software development.

Ledesma is adept at Unreal, Unity and other virtual reality software.