Sharp Focus VR has the mission to increase in a 30% the reaction times and attention span of the ADHD patients.


Our vision is to improve the quality of life of ADHD patients connecting therapists, educators, and parents. 


Sharp Focus VR has values as follow:

Be Bold: We believe in expressiveness. 

Fairness and diversity: The better teams come from diversity and fairness.

Joel Acevedo

Founder & CEO

Joel Acevedo Nieto has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and studies in psychology. He's MIT-Harvard Medical School Innovation Bootcamp Alumni, graduated in June 2019. Acevedo Nieto focuses his research on ADHD students and patients. His interest in how the human brain generates attention skills guided him to develop a training process. Joel uses in his process a combination of sound waves with reaction times training.

Andrés Santiago


He's a social worker and social media manager. His mission is to create communities to explore and understand their pains to solve their emotional needs. 

Yolianny Rivera

Production and content creator

Mind Master Woman. Strategic planning, production, and connection between the founder's vision and CMO work.

José Rivera

Graphic designer and Cameraman

José is the Genuis behind the Sharp Focus VR arts. Also, create the perfects angles of Sharp Focus team.


If you are an open person and know about the healthcare market, we are looking for you.